Open Range Breakout Expert Advisor - DAX Trading System
ORB Expert Advisor

Open Range Breakout Expert Advisor V4.08 Settings

included ORB Expert Advisor functions:

  • Partial sale possible
  • Fixed loss limit adjustable
  • Temporal range settings
  • Adjustable maximum range size
  • Button for quick manual break even and OrderClose
  • three stop loss options, range high-low/middle high-low of the profit box
  • three different trailing stops based on the set stop loss
  • Breakeven stop in points or by Partial Sale
  • Activate Spread Control
  • Activate range control
  • Variable profit box with CRV settings
  • Hidden takeprofit in front of the broker
  • Adjustable buffer on range high and low
  • Two pending orders at the high / low of the range
  • Pending order conversion into MarketOrder
  • One open pending order deletes the other pending order
  • Activation of two active pendings orders
  • Time limit for active pending orders
  • Close time of order before market closes
  • Runs on the timeframe M1
  • E-Mail Alert
  • Statistics display in EA
  • Trend settings possible via moving average
  • Updates included
  • One year Licence
  • Installation is possible of any accounts
  • The installation is not linked to an account
  • Platform MetaTrader 4 - MT4
  • Settings in english language

Sample trades

Open Range Breakout Trading System
Shortly after the market opens, the sell-stop order becomes active, the price initially declines and then ends in profit.
Open Range Breakout Trading System
The course runs cleanly in the profit after 1-2-3 market technique.

Open Range Breakout Trading System
Long sideways phase with late profit in the evening hours
Open Range Breakout Trading System
After 16 minutes all is over.

Realkonto GKFX-LIVE-3
29.01.2019 EA-Profit: 123.69€

Settings in EA changed to breakeven and trailing stop. Two active orders are open, the first is a loss, then the market turns and the second order ends in a profit.


Open Range Breakout Trading System Einstellungen


You can test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester of MetaTrader 4. The EA uses historical M1 data in Meta Trader 4.


A german-language documentation with a complete description, explanation of all existing parameters, a installation instruction and license agreement with one personal license key.

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You can purchase this Expert Advisior here , at or on ebay .

Trial Demo MT4 Version
Trial Beta Demo MT5 Version


Dax Open Range
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Open Range Breakout MT4 runs on all indices, metal and stocks symbols with two digits

ORB MT5 version is Forex compatible

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